Our successful beekeeping programme is designed to contribute to countering the decline in the UK bee population.

Beekeeping creates a real sense of community in Victoria

Since 2010, we have installed nine beehives in Victoria and have trained local workers and residents as beekeepers. There are more than a dozen experienced beekeepers in Victoria who have attended two training courses run by Urban Bees that focus on the theory and practical aspects of urban beekeeping.

Installing the hives was the start of the story and we have provided ongoing support and follow-up beekeeping training that includes mentoring. We hold ‘bee socials’ and breakfast meetings during the beekeeping season from April to late September where beekeepers share tips, stories and advice.

We helped Bee Collective based in Eccleston Place get underway working specifically with London beekeepers. Bee Collective  processes honey and promotes habitats for honey bees and wild pollinators across London. Caroline Birchall runs the collective with volunteers who jar and process honey from London’s beekeepers. Last year, Bee Collective extracted nearly 500kg of honey from 27 apiaries across London and filled  nearly 4000 jars!

The Victoria BID has opened up opportunities. We socialise and we do our bit for the environment.

Sarah Dorgan, Cathedral (Facilities) Manager at Westminster Cathedral