Clean Victoria

Steam cleaning pavements, litter picking and flying visits from a Harris Hawk – some of the ways we add a shine to Victoria’s streets.

We are improving the appearance of Victoria with two daytime cleaning teams

We are improving the general appearance of Victoria with a night cleaning team and two daytime cleaning teams. We also have a dedicated Environmental Ambassador who reports on environmental and street issues including graffiti and fly posting, flooding issues and abandoned vehicles.

The Victoria BID provides value added cleaning

  • Our two dedicated cleansing teams clean the area from Monday to Friday between 6.30 am and 7.30 pm each week. The Westminster Cathedral Piazza receives particular attention as a local landmark, and one of the few wide open spaces in Victoria. Along with key VBID pubic realm sites such as our three parklets and the Diamond Garden.
  • Five nights a week, during warmer months, a night cleaning team removes chewing gum and grime from Victoria’s pavements. Over the past year, 21,854 cleaning issues have been reported and resolved by the cleaning team.
  • The BID provides, and our teams manage, the removable tables and chairs in Westminster Cathedral Piazza and the branded deckchairs in Lower Grosvenor Gardens and keep both areas litter free.
  • Our falconer has made 133 visits over the year with a Harris Hawk too deter pigeons from key public spaces in the BID footprint including Westminster Cathedral Piazza, Upper and Lower Grosvenor Gardens and Ebury Square Gardens.
  • A new VBID electric vehicle allows the cleaning team to complete daytime cold water flushing and bin cleaning where necessary, and nighttime hot water steam pavement cleansing.
The BID took on the management of Westminster Cathedral Piazza. providing a dedicated street cleaning team, a hawk to scare away pigeons and a security team that patrols the area.

Ruth Duston OBE, Chief Executive of Victoria BID