We have developed a robust and vibrant ongoing menu of events ranging from historical walking tours and seasonal markets to pop up events and installations, sporting events and barbecues; all showcasing the changing face of new and vibrant Victoria.


Over the past year we hosted 45 days of events in Victoria. Our events are designed to engage, entertain and inspire a wide range of people drawn to the area for work or play. Our highlights include:

  • We held the first Christmas Craft Market on the Westminster Cathedral Piazza with 20 stalls that drew huge interest and footfall from local workers, residents and visitors.
  • We contributed to the Victoria Street festive lights in our brand colours and a Christmas tree on Westminster Cathedral Piazza.
  • The four-week long five-a-side Victoria Football Cup tournament involved 350 players in 32 teams representing 53 organisations.
  • Over 750 people left messages on our St Valentine’s Day wall on the Westminster Cathedral Piazza.
  • We ran 6 street-photography workshops combined with walking tours attracting 120 explorers.
  • Our free rooftop barbecue hosted by the Victoria Park Piazza was attended by over 100 local workers.
  • Our 21-day fitness programme with Fitness First attracted 300 local workers during their lunch breaks.
  • We  kept the fun going with chocolate and cocktail making classes, Pub Olympics and Wii Wimbledon.
  • We  featured outdoor theatre, live ice sculpting, the last choir standing, an art and photography exhibition and a Guinness World Record.

We are building an exciting calendar of events ensuring that there will be plenty to experience and enjoy in Victoria. We will build on our Festive Lighting Scheme for the area, deliver more walking tours and markets and a summer packed with activities to get you out and about.

Visit our In Victoria section to find out more about current and upcoming events.