The rise of the Black Swan – briefing for businesses

The term Black Swan is used to refer to very low probability and high consequence events that are difficult to predict or prevent and can result in truly catastrophic outcomes. Some forms of terrorist attack, natural and man-made disaster and economic failure, for example, can be defined as Black Swan events.

The number of different potential ‘Black Swans’ are continuing to grow. Innovative methods of attack on the business sector will continue. If we are certain that we have all the processes, policies, procedures and equipment in place, then our attentions must focus on the effectiveness of our leadership at all levels. They are the first responders to the incident and what they do will make a difference…either way. It will take more than a firm hand on the tiller.  The first response will to a certain degree dictate how well the emergency services respond.  But what does good leadership look like? Do we have the right people with the right experience in place? How are we preparing the leaders of the future? This CSARN briefing, utilising the best speakers in this area, explores how we should be preparing for the leadership of our organisations to command the recovery of our businesses and it is therefore a critical date for your diary.

Areas to be covered are:

  • What do we expect from our leadership?
  • Real case studies – learning from success and failure
  • What can our leaders expect to face in the future?
  • Leadership selection and retention – what should we be looking for?
  • What does effective command and control look like?
  • Tools of the trade – transferable best practice

Those who should attend:

  • Victoria BID Members
  • Crisis Response and Business Recovery team members
  • Emergency planners
  • Public and private sector first responders
  • Business Continuity Managers
  • Government specialists
  • Local authority representatives

Confirmed Speakers so far:

Dr Aarti Anhal Gooden / UK Chief Operating Officer, 4C Strategies

Edward Borodzicz / Assistant Dean at University of the West of Scotland

In order to book your place email the delegates name, job title and company name to Places will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.



Event Details

23rd March 2016

12.30 pm – 4.30 pm


DONG Energy,
5 Howick Place,
London SW1P 1WG


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