Managing Digital Distractions: Mindful Technology

Join the Victoria and Victoria Westminster BIDs and Charlotte Wiseman for a talk on Managing Digital Distractions

In the digital age we have technology at our fingertips 24/7 but what impact is constant connectivity having on our wellbeing? This practical module will explore the latest research into this topic, introducing tools to build a positive relationship with technology to improve our wellbeing, reduce stress, enhance our focus and bring balance back into our lives.

This workshop will support individuals to build a life enhancing relationship with technology through understanding their individual attachment to screens and gaining an insight into the effect of technology on productivity, memory, sleep and relationships. You will consider ways in which technology can compromise or support our health and learn practical tools to cultivate conscious use of devices for more productive time management and greater wellbeing.

Charlotte Wiseman is an applied positive psychology researcher, consultant and trainer known for her pioneering.


Event Details

Wednesday 22nd May

12.30pm – 1.30pm

St Andrew’s Club,
Alec Wizard House,
12 Old Pye Street,
London SW1P 2DG

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