How to thrive in stressful times

Victoria BID is collaborating with The London Healthy Workplace Charter to bring you a morning workshop exploring the topic of how to thrive in stressful times

When stressful events happen in our work and life, evolution has hardwired us to go into the fight or flight response. This mechanism served us well across millennia, but in modern life, this type of reactivity is often counterproductive and even harmful to the things that matter most to us.

Stress although it may be uncomfortable does not have to be a problem. In fact, a certain amount of stress is essential to wake us up to our full potential.

When we understand how stress works, we are able to appreciate how we ourselves innocently contribute to our experience of chronic stress. We are then able to meet challenges of life with more creativity and resilience.

The session will be led by Dorothy Martin, an organisational wellbeing consultant committed to increasing awareness about human psychology in business to prevent burnout, enhance resilience, motivation and creativity, and as a result to facilitate environments where people and organisations can grow, thrive and prosper.

The workshop will be an informal, conversational session packed with practical information and scientifically validated relaxation exercises. You will learn to understand stress better and relate to it with an attitude of empowerment, clarity and creativity. All that is required from you is to turn up, take time to relax, listen and reflect.




Event Details

Thursday 24th May

08.15am – 9.30am

The Passage,
St Vincent’s Centre,
Carlisle Place,
London SW1P 1NL