Safe and Secure Event: The Role of Business in Countering Threats

Recent events in the UK and around the world remind us all of the terrorist threat we face, which in the UK is considered as ‘SEVERE’, meaning an attack is highly likely. Police and security
agencies are working tirelessly to protect the public but it is also important that communities
remain vigilant and aware of how to protect themselves if the need arises.

The most vulnerable part of the UK to a terrorist attack is our crowded places, which include major events and business districts. In light of recent and tragic events in mainland Europe and the UK, it is clear that terrorism is still a real threat to our society and isn’t going away anytime soon.  As leaders, we are all duty bound to have the most up to date information not only to identify the threat, but to train for, manage and recover quickly from such incidents. Victoria BID is duty bound to gather together the best speakers from Metropolitan Police, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure(CPNI) and City of London Police in order to properly brief you on what you can do to mitigate these threats.

Delegates will be able to take away new thinking about how they can plan to keep their staff and assets safer and very much in line with today’s and tomorrow’s threats and will also be able to network with members and speakers who face similar challenges and have different solutions.  This briefing is important to all of us and attendance is highly recommended.

The morning will include topics such as:

  • The Government Security Zone
  • Project Servator / Project ReACT
  • Physical Security
  • Personnel Security
  • Hostile Reconnaissance
  • Deterrence Communications
  • Police Casualty Bureau

Those who should attend

  • Business Continuity and Resilience Managers
  • Local business leaders
  • Security Managers
  • Emergency Planners
  • Public safety experts
  • Office Managers

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Event details

18th January

9am – 1pm

St Vincent’s Centre,
Carlisle Place,
London, SW1P 1NL


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