Healthy Activities To Kickstart The New Year

Headline Date 08-01-2019

The new year is usually a time most people use to launch plans for a lifestyle change, whether it be in their personal life, career or wellbeing. Some stick to their New Year’s resolution, while others fall off along the way.

We think that making a plan and setting tasks on how to achieve it will be the way to put your best foot forward in 2019. That’s why we’ve curated this list of 7 healthy activities to do in the local area to help you kickstart the new year and get results!

  1. Join Barry’s Bootcamp revolution

At Barry’s Bootcamp, achieving the sculpted physique that you’d like is possible. If you’ve got serious fitness goals this year, Barry’s Bootcamp is the place to be. With workout sessions built with science in mind, it’s more than a new year’s resolution trend. Their daily classes focuse on different muscle groups to give you the best workout session in 1 hour. Interested in burning about 1,000 calories in one go? Barry’s Bootcamp is ready to welcome you into their fold.

  1. Lead a meaningful life with The Slow Life Concept by Barbagiove

Barbagiove is a wellness spa determined to support people in their pursuit of a meaningful life by  promoting relaxation and encouraging body and mind awareness. This is achieved through the body massages and rituals provided. They encourage positive changes and teach you to establish real and meaningful connections.

  1. Recharge your body and mind at the Light Centre

As one of London’s leading health & wellbeing centre located in Belgravia, the Light Centre offers everything you’ll ever need to maintain great health. They run over 60 Yoga, Pilates and Morning Mysore Ashtanga mat classes a week, in addition to a full range of therapies, Mindfulness courses, Workshops and a Crussh Healthy Eating Cafe. All you need now is your fitness gear.

  1. Train like an athlete with H2

We know what new year’s resolutions can be like, but whatever fitness goals you have, be it improving fitness, training for a 10km run, a Tough Mudder, a Triathlon or Ironman, train with H2 and they’ll ensure you reach and surpass your goals. Their bespoke design club includes a bike park, gym, studios and spacious changing rooms with the latest equipment. Their quality small classes centres around Build, Burn, Balance and the Bike.

  1. Take a refreshing walk through St James park  

During the colder months, it might be tempting to remain indoors, however, having a break outside and walking in the open air can be invigorating for your wellbeing. A walk in nature at St James Park ,which covers an area of almost 57 acres, is a good way to spend quality time with oneself as well as engaging in a low impact physical activity for general wellbeing.

  1. Visit a Hygienist at Victoria Dental Centre

Some say a person’s smile is one of the first thing you notice about them. So how about getting the freshest, whitest smile possible? Dental care is something that is sometimes overlooked, but not anymore! Visit Victoria Dental Centre in the heart of Victoria to get yourself back on the right path to pearly whites.

  1. Indulge in Healthy meals at Ottolenghi

“You are what you eat” is a well known phrase and our list of healthy activities to kickstart the new year wouldn’t be complete without it. If you’ve decided to have healthier meals this year, you can launch your healthy lifestyle at Ottolenghi, a deli serving delicious spreads of wholesome foods in Belgravia, many of which are vegetarian friendly.

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