Chubby Hearts by Anya Hindmarch

Headline Date 26-02-2018

When it turned midnight on 14th February, the love was still felt in Victoria as Westminster Cathedral Piazza was graced with its own Chubby Heart flying the romantic flag above the beautiful streets of Victoria. These cartoon-like hearts have been supported by the Victoria Business Improvement District alongside the Mayor of London, the British Fashion Council, the City of Westminster, Councils, Landowners, Businesses, Districts and the Civil Aviation Authority.

The project was conceived by Anya Hindmarch, who – sitting in a packed Royal Festival Hall – was awestruck and inspired by the stoic attitude of Londoners after a difficult year for the city. Chubby Hearts was a way of bottling this feeling and sending it out across London. Using recycled helium and now having been stored for future use, these hearts are a surprise love letter to London, and a way of capturing the creativity and strength of London and its residents.

Continuing from Valentine’s Day into London Fashion Week, the Chubby Hearts went on a whirlwind tour of 29 of London’s landmarks and locations, broadcasting London’s unique creativity, resilience, and bringing love to the whole city.

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