Cup of Tea with..Rebecca Snape

Headline Date 04-10-2017

How long have you worked in Victoria?

I have worked in Victoria since August 2016.

What was the biggest change you have experienced in Victoria?

The biggest change I have experienced is the constant regeneration of Victoria. There are constantly new independent restaurants, new shops and new things to do which is great.

What is your favourite spot in Victoria?

I am a little bit bias but The Other Palace is my favourite spot – A theatre, a gin palace and a restaurant all in one place!

If you could change one thing in Victoria, what would it be?

The amount of traffic on Victoria Street.

What is your message for the people out there in Victoria?

Explore Victoria and the wonderful things it has to offer including The Other Palace!

What is the biggest issues/ challenge Victoria is facing?

I think the biggest issue Victoria is facing is security due to our proximity to some major London hotspots.

What is your favourite lunchtime spot? 

My favourite lunchtime spot is either The Other Naughty Piglet as the food is absolutely divine or during the summer St. James Park.

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