Get connected with Victoria’s free WiFi

Headline Date 04-10-2017

The Victoria BID is proud to be bringing free WiFi to the streets of Victoria – a first for a BID in the capital.

Available now, the free WiFi service covers a large part of Victoria, allowing seamless connectivity and easy browsing when in the area. WiFi is now available at Terminus Place, Lower Grosvenor Gardens, the top of Victoria Street and the Westminster Cathedral Piazza.

Free WiFi was identified by businesses in Victoria as something that would be beneficial for both employees and visitors to the area. The BID is committed to helping Victoria become one of the best connected parts of the capital – not only physically but also virtually, with state of the art free WiFi now available to all.

Chris Tsikolis, Policy and Security Manager at the Victoria BID said:

“We are always looking for new things to pioneer in Victoria – supporting our businesses and helping visitors when they arrive in the area. Offering free WiFi is an important new service being introduced by the BID – we want to make it easy for people to find their way to a meeting, check out a website or send an email and our fast, free WiFi service will make this possible. It’s all part of our role in making Victoria an appealing and welcoming place to visit.”

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