Get in the zone

Headline Date 12-06-2015

The zone being the Westminster Cathedral Piazza where the Victoria BID ran a special lunchtime PhysioYogaLates session for local workers on the Westminster Cathedral Pizza as part of Workout at Work Day today 12th June 2015. The session was lead by Clare Fone, Founder of The Westminster Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre.

The 45-minute class was a mixture of physio, pilates, yoga and ballet and attracted local participants who braved curious looks from passersby. Launched in 2011, Workout at Work Day is an annual awareness day organised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) designed to increase levels of physical activity amongst employees during the working day, and to inspire staff to move more and to address poor work habits, such as not taking regular breaks. The aim of the day is to improve public health, reduce sickness absence and promote the important role which physiotherapy plays in keeping people ‘fit for work’.

The Victoria BID supports these aims and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Employers can register to support the annual day here.

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