Idling Vehicle Fines

Headline Date 21-04-2015

Westminster City Council is to introduce measures to discourage vehicle idling, in order to tackle pollution and noise. From 1 May Traffic Marshals will be able to issue a £20 Fixed Penalty Notice to anyone who refuses to turn off their engine when requested.

From Westminster City Council:

Leaving an engine running while a vehicle is stationary pollutes the air we breathe, causes unnecessary noise and costs drivers money.

Switching off your engine is an easy way to help improve air quality and the health of people in Westminster. The cost of switching off your engine and starting it up again after a minute or more is less than the cost of leaving the engine running.   

To improve air quality in Westminster our Traffic Marshalls are out on the streets talking to drivers about the impact idling has on pollution, noise and health.   

From 1 May 2015, if a driver is asked to turn their engine off by a Marshall and refuses they could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £20.

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