January Do’s and Don’ts with City Athletic

Headline Date 10-01-2022

January tends to be the ‘make changes’ month due to Christmas and New Year celebrations. To help with setting your goals for 2022 here are some golden do’s and don’ts for the new year courtesy of City Athletic trainer Ben Scott.

Do:  Cut down on alcohol. Some like to go dry during January. I’m generally not that fussed about cutting it out completely as creating a routine is more important, though if you choose to good for you!

Don’t:  Set unrealistic rules that are hard to maintain. Start easy and build on confidence. The last thing you want to do is push yourself too hard and cause injury!

Do:  Drink the right amount of water. As a rule of thumb, you should consume your calorie intake in litres per day. So, If I’m consuming 2500cal per day then 2.5Lt of water would be my goal

Don’t:  Cut out food groups because you think you’ve eaten a lot of them, cut down on the amount you are eating. Remember calories ARE equal! it’s a unit of energy so if you consume the right amount, you will feel both energised and healthy

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