National Puppy Day

Headline Date 26-02-2018

If you were considering adding a furry friend to your mix, then National Puppy Day is the best day to do it. Not only does having a dog keep you calmer, but studies suggest that being a puppy parent means you get more exercise, have less allergies and are generally calmer and less stressed. It’s also a brilliant way of teaching children about responsibility and caring for others, as well as giving you a hot water bottle to cuddle in the winter months, and a play buddy for the summer season.

Having a pet, however, is not for everyone. If you’re looking for a way of contributing towards the good of animalkind, but can’t house a new family member just yet, we’ve got some other ideas.

Borrowing a dog

Just because your landlord doesn’t want fur embedded in his carpet, who said you can’t still get some of the benefits of making a canine pal? Borrow My Doggy is a way of walking someone’s dog, who might not have time or might not be able to physically give their dog the attention and time they need. Similarly, if you are a dog owner, but can’t give your puppy plenty of walkies, head to the Borrow My Doggy website to find a dog-lover who can help you out.

Educating yourself

There are plenty of places where you can find out about how to help with animal welfare, and the RSPCA’s website is a great place to start. The Dog Rescuers on Channel 5 also show how canines are treated, and how to care for them properly. Remember that having a dog is lovely, but only if you can care for them properly.

Blue Cross

Victoria’s Blue Cross Animal Hospital is there to help unwell animals, however, Blue Cross does much more than that. They rehome animals and help new pet owners settle into their new and exciting – but daunting – role. You can help Blue Cross by fundraising, sponsoring a pet or rehoming one already in their care. They have an app allowing you to give as you live, meaning that you can donate whilst you shop. Blue Cross are on hand to give you advice through the highs and lows of parenting your pooch, so give back by volunteering, fundraising, or sponsoring an animal so they have a happy life of fetch, treats and stroking.

Treat them!

M Restaurant in Victoria have puppy-friendly events on the first Saturday of every month, and if you’re looking for a summer date to put into your canine’s calendar, then hold onto your leads for a Puppy Pool Party coming up in July. There will be a masterclass on cooking for your dog, a canine paddling pool and a six-leg brunch menu for you and your pup to enjoy.

Rubens at the Palace is a dog-friendly hotel and the perfect place for pampering your pup. With a pet hamper upon arrival and an animal-friendly menu for your cuddle buddy to feast on, you finally get to holiday with man’s best friend.

Mungo & Maud in Victoria has some of the finest canine couture. From beautiful baskets and blankets to adorn your kitchen, to dog walking accessories for both owner and pet, it’s worth a visit to this store for a gift, or treat for you and your furry friend.

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