NationalWildlifeDay – Lioness & Kudu Statue

Headline Date 05-09-2018

When one thinks of wildlife and nature, Victoria isn’t the first place that comes to mind. The national parks and green spaces might be home to a variety of birds and small creatures, but nothing jaw-droppingly Attenborough-esque.

Yet, in the heart of this urban jungle lies a prowling beast and its prey. In Grosvenor Gardens, the visitors themselves can hunt for the Lioness and Lesser Kudu sculpture. The bronze structure was created by Jonathan Kenworthy and commissioned by the Duke of Westminster during the 1990s. Kenworthy worked on a thirty-foot structure using blocks of polystyrene, which were then cast in bronze by the Meridian Bronze Foundry in 1998. The sculpture in Victoria also has a twin in Cheshire, at Eaton Hall, the Duke of Westminster’s estate.

The Lioness and Lesser Kudu is one of many animal statues located around London, although it is by far the most intricate and exciting of them all. Others include Guy the Gorilla in London Zoo, Paddington Bear at Paddington Station (where else?), and Jacob the Cart Horse by Westminster Bridge.

Victoria also offers other wildlife experiences. Not only is the area highly accommodating to cat and dog-owners, with various hotels and restaurants offering pet-friendly food and lodging, but the Buckingham Palace Royal Mews are just minutes away! Enjoy frequent arts and crafts events for children, and tours of the stables, which are home to the impressive royal horses.

So, buck up this National Wildlife Day and set off with friends and family on a safari tour to enjoy all the fine wildlife and wildlife tributes London has to offer! Strolling through London’s parks and historical sites to spy out bronze beasts, or visiting the decadent Royal Mews is easily the best thing to doe – ahem – do… short of travelling to Kenya.

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