Roald Dahl Day

Headline Date 30-08-2019

Roald Dahl was undoubtedly one of Britain’s most creative storytellers. His tales indulge us all in worlds of magic and witches, evil parents and Big Friendly Giants, of chocolate streams and gigantic rooms full of treats. We’ve rounded up some fantastic ways you can celebrate this literary giant on 13 September, also known as Roald Dahl Day.

Pick up a book or two

Whether you’re looking for a classic or a more obscure and intriguing novel, head to Belgravia Books to indulge your hunger for a decent read. If you’re after something special, pay Classic Rare Books a visit and they’ll help you find something unique. 

Head out on a literary tour

Victoria is full of literary culture, and we’re lucky to have had some of Britain’s greatest novelists live in the area. Creator and writer of the iconic James Bond, Ian Fleming’s blue plaque resides on Ebury Street. 

Joseph Conrad, author of the famed Heart of Darkness, later to be adapted into the film, Apocalypse Now, lived in the area for an impressive 67 years with a blue plaque to commemorate his dedication to the area. 

Meanwhile, Mary Shelley, beloved writer of British gothic fiction, penned her classic, Frankenstein, during the years she lived in the area. Her blue plaque rests on the facade of her home in Chester Square.

Experience Dahl’s magic

Both Matilda and The Witches feature breathtaking magic, much like another famous British series, Harry Potter. Head to the Georgian House Hotel in the area for a truly magical stay in Victoria with their Wizarding Chambers.

What’s better than a luscious peach to commemorate Dahl’s immersive story, James and the Giant Peach? Peach cocktails, of course. Make your way to Balans Soho Society to enjoy their Burlesque-teez with Soho Variorum gin, peach and prosecco, or be tempted by their Son of a Beach cocktail, with Ron Cortez rum, peach, orange and red wine. 

Roald Dahl is most famously known for Charlie Bucket’s story, where he finds a golden ticket and gains entry into Willy Wonka’s one-of-a-kind chocolate factory, where chocolate flows freely and Oompa Loompa’s wander around the premises. It’s hardly Roald Dahl Day without treating yourself to some of Hotel Chocolat’s most delicious chocolates on offer and learning all about the craft with their School of Chocolate.

Charlie’s story continues beyond exploring Willy Wonka’s world and inheriting his factory. In Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Charlie Bucket has the incredible experience of being privy to an incredible view across the city through the walls of a glass elevator. Unfortunately, there aren’t many glass elevators available, but Market Halls Victoria’s Rooftop Terrace is full of delicious nibbles and tasty drinks with a beautiful view of the area to feast your eyes on.

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