Safe on Holidays

Headline Date 02-08-2017

With the holiday season now upon us, The Counter Terrorism Police UK have issued two videos to help keep people safe in and around London as well as abroad.

The first video focuses on identifying & dealing with suspicious items. It is stressed that understanding your working environment is the first important step in recognising what is typical and normal, and what looks out of place. This familiarity and knowledge is vital when assessing an unattended suspicious item and, importantly, doing something about it.

The second video demonstrates what to do in a weapons or firearms attack.  Whilst these are rare, it is important to have a plan and know what to do in the unlikely event that you are caught up in an attack. RUN HIDE TELL is a simple and easily understood message that will help you, your colleagues and loved ones to stay safe when faced with danger from an attacker armed with a firearm, knife or other weapons.

Victoria BID would highly recommend sharing these videos with employees or arranging a screening or training session around them.

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