TFL Consultation: Have Your Say!

Headline Date 06-09-2017

Recent analysis of collision data shows that there have been a number of traffic incidents on Grosvenor Place. Transport for London are therefore proposing road safety improvements on Grosvenor Place between Duke of Wellington Place and Wilton Street.

Their proposals include new pedestrian crossings at the top of Grosvenor Place and measures designed to reduce collisions involving turning vehicles. To minimise the potential for such collisions, they are proposing to prohibit some of the currently permitted turns for vehicles. They’re also proposing to make it easier for people to cross Grosvenor Place by providing new signalised crossings and a larger island on Grosvenor Place, close to the junction with Duke of Wellington Place.

TFL are keen to get feedback from people regularly in the area regarding their proposals.

To have your say and help make the community a safer place for everyone, please see

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