Walking May

Headline Date 02-05-2017

May is Living Streets’ National Walking Month.  The Campaign is designed to get people walking more and to help build a picture of just how walkable our streets are. Check out the website for fun tips designed to help you walk at least 20 minute a day. There is also an online tool that makes it easy to give feedback (good or bad!) about your city walking experiences.

Here in Victoria, there are a number of initiatives in place to encourage walking. Why not try out one of our walking work outs with Westminster Physios, where you will learn how to walk effectively, burn more calories, improve movement patterns and reduce joint pain.

Once you’ve done that, there are a number of walking apps like CityAir that provide low-emission walking routes so you can ensure the healthiest walk possible. You can also download a 5 Minute Legible London Finder map and a 15 minute Legible London Planner map to help you navigate around Victoria and beyond. Both maps include “YOU ARE HERE” arrows positioned at the front of the Victoria Railway Station as a reference.

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