Westminster Abbey Rooftop Tour for Ten Auction

Headline Date 06-06-2018

Founded in 960AD by Benedictine monks, Westminster Abbey is a London landmark featuring on everyone’s map. Its beautiful interior means stepping into a piece of British history, and the Abbey still receives all visitors with a Christian welcome. Whilst our area is imbued with a rich sense of both history and culture, there are many who do not have the means of enjoying it.

St Andrew’s Club is a community-based youth club providing activities to enhance the lives of young people in an enjoyable, sociable and educational sense. Having opened in 1866 and residing in Westminster since 1885, they have held in-house activities and training for over 150 years. They achieve this by working with their partners, including Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Tate Britain, the Supreme Court and the English National Opera.

In aid of St Andrew’s Club, Westminster Abbey have kindly provided the opportunity for a tour for ten people to enjoy this piece of history, religion and culture in the heart of London. Take part in this auction to enjoy this wonderful experience whilst helping others in the area benefit from the location’s history and community.

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