Smarten and Sparkle


Let’s get Victoria sparkling this May. From 1st -5 May roll up your sleeves and join us for up to 60 minutes in the area during our week of cleaning and greening.

Victoria BID will carry out Deep Cleaning, Gum Removal, Bin Flushing, Planting 300 new flowers, Litter Picking and Graffiti Removal across the area.


We are looking for volunteers from our local community and businesses to take part in the 60-minute Makeover on Wednesday, 3 May at 11am.

What is it

A 60-minute action-packed clean-up event to clean and brighten Victoria. Working together to clean a mile of pavements, highlight our historic buildings and enhance our environment.

What you can do:

    • Schedule in-house cleaning and maintenance during the 60-minutes on 3rd May, such as window cleaning, pavement washing, sweeping, and planting

    • Assemble your team on 3rd May at 11am to clean on your own building frontage and windows or they can sign up to one of our dedicated clean up tasks


    • Team building and supporting your local area

    • Photographer on site and social media shout outs for your business

    • Supporting the area’s enhancements before we enter the summer months.

Next steps

A member of the team will get in contact to help organise your activities.

Registration closes Thursday 27th May