King’s Scholars’ Passage


A backstreet that can be transformed into a space


King’s Scholars’ Passage was identified as a project site within the Victoria BID Public Realm strategy, People Wanted, as one of a suite of spaces that could “transform Victoria into a place for people, create a destination and a successful location for all to work, live, shop and move in.”

King’s Scholars’ Passage, situated not far from Victoria Station, is a back alley overlooked by the rear elevations of buildings on Vauxhall Bridge Road and Carlisle Place. The buildings house a variety of uses, such as offices, private residences, and hospitality and retail. Its current arrangement is uninviting and attracts anti-social behaviour which spills out on to nearby streets marring this area of Victoria and affecting businesses, passers-by and local residents.

VBID is now going on a journey to carry out a Concept Feasibility Study to determine the technical and creative scope for opportunities at the site and to create the context to enable temporary measures to be implemented until such time as more permanent measures are brought forward.

We would like to ensure that such an opportunity is optimised to create and implement high quality measures that create a positive identifier for the area, design out existing issues, create a visual and potential community space, and does not inhibit the link to meet its core functions as a highway.

Through carrying out the study we aim to generate a shared vision for the space in consultation with various stakeholders.

The plans for the site will be underpinned by engagement with people who live, work and travel here and is an exciting opportunity to make a significant contribution to the area you live, work or visit.