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Barry’s is the original boutique fitness studio. Based around the simple idea of shocking your body with a combination of strength and cardiovascular exercises, enhanced by a night-club sound system and red lighting, clients often burn over 1000 calories during a one hour class in the infamous Red Room. Their workouts include a mixture of interval runs on Woodway treadmills and strength training utilising free weights. Muscle groups, intervals and workout segments vary to keep you guessing, and our trainers are the best in the business at helping you maximise your potential and ensuring every class feels new, fun and exciting.

Since 1998, Barry’s has been delivering ‘The Best Workout In The World’ to a faithful fan base. People often come to Barry’s for goals relating to physical wellness, but end up staying for so much more than that. Whilst many of their clients do see vast improvements on their fitness and strength, it is our family-like community and the way it makes you feel that keeps people coming back again and again. You won’t experience a workout like this anywhere else.

Victoria Privilege Card holders can now get 10% off a pack of 5 classes. To redeem this offer please state the code VICTORIAPC10 when making your booking which will be valid on a 5 pack of Barry’s at Home classes as well as a pack of 5 classes on reopening (TBD as per the latest government announcement). T&Cs apply. Offer valid only on 5 packs (Barry’s at Home or in studio). Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Barry’s at home packs of 5 classes will expire one week after the first class is booked. Barry’s in studio classes are valid for one year from the purchase date. Offer valid until the 31st January 2021 only.




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