Green Victoria

We champion Green Infrastructure (GI) development in Victoria to create environmental, economic and social benefits for all to enjoy.

The Diamond Garden at The Queen's Gallery

Improving the environment was identified as a fundamental goal of a regenerated Victoria in our original Business Plan for 2010 – 2015. One of the key environmental challenges in the Victoria BID area is the risk of surface water flooding during periods of heavy rain. Overheating is also a problem in summer due to the density of buildings and large areas of hard surfaces that trap and reflect heat.

Green infrastructure (for example trees, rain gardens, green roofs, and living walls) helps alleviate flooding and reduces high urban temperatures by slowing the rate at which water runs off hard surfaces into the drains and by providing natural cooling through evapotranspiration. Green infrastructure also improves air quality by trapping pollutants and increases wellbeing.

In 2012, we planted over 30 trees in Victoria and continue to install and plan green space such as The Diamond Garden and planned John Lewis Rain Garden.  We help our partner businesses  to establish similar projects that benefit  people and wildlife, such as the superb living wall on the side of The Rubens at the Palace Hotel installed by Red Carnation Hotels.

  • The Diamond Garden includes pollinator-friendly plants.
  • The John Lewis Rain Garden will tap into a water downpipe and make better use of water to feed garden plants.
  • The Rubens at the Palace Hotel living wall comprises 450m2 and uses rainwater harvesting.
The living wall was a project we bought in to from the very beginning and has been brought to fruition significantly enhanced from the original concept.

Jonathan Raggett, Managing Director Red Carnation Hotels

Victoria BID and the designer, Professor Nigel Dunnett have created a garden bathed in light that the public can enjoy.

Sir David Walker, former Master of the Household, Buckingham Palace