Walking Victoria

We’ve all experienced it at some point. You get to Victoria tube station after work only to find it’s temporarily shut due to overcrowding, leaving you impatiently waiting on the pavement for what seems like an eternity whilst you wonder if there a better way to start your journey?

There is!

We’ve developed some short films and maps showcasing walking routes to nearby tube stations: Sloane Square (District, Circle) and Pimlico (Victoria). Simply watch the films or download the maps and walk to these stations the next time overcrowding at Victoria strikes.

Each walk takes about 12-15 minutes and we’ve included some points of interest along the way. Did you know there’s a famous Scottish restaurant nearby with a live music event list nearly as long as Loch Linnie? Ever wondered what the background to Vincent Square was?

Each route has added bonuses: Taking these short journeys helps you unwind, get some exercise and thereby stay healthy. We’ve also routed them down side streets wherever we can to get you away from busy – and therefore polluted – roads. You’ll also pass shops and places you’ve may not have known about. So let’s go!

Walking Victoria to Pimlico Underground Station

Download walking map Victoria to Pimlico Underground Station 

Walking Victoria to Sloane Square Underground Station

Download walking map Victoria to Sloane Square Underground Station