Art works in your workplace

Headline Date 01-02-2019

Have you ever considered that art in your office or workspace can actually make a real difference to how people work, as well as their health and happiness? Arterial is a new business which focuses upon bringing art and artists into workspaces and businesses ( They encourage companies to exploit the unique power of art by working with artists, creating residencies, organising private views, and commissioning artworks and culture programmes. 

They believe that art and cultural interventions not only increases happiness in the workplace, but engages staff and customers, and encourage creative thought and behaviour.  From the research and work Arterial have done, they know that art in and around the office has a very positive impact on people.  Moreover, academic studies have shown an uplift in productivity of at least 15% when employees have visual stimulus on the walls and around the office.

Arterial are offering Victoria BID members a free ‘art audit’ to assess the opportunities for arts and culture in your workspace.  Whether you are trying to reach out to young audiences through digital artworks or take advantage of the conversations and debate that more traditional artworks can create, we would like to help you begin your art journey and benefit from refreshed, exciting and unique spaces where you work. To book yourself in for a free ‘art audit’ touch contact

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