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This refers to publicly accessible streets and spaces between buildings that we pass through as pedestrians. Victoria's public realm is estimated to increase by 147%. Our priority is ensuring this new space is seamless.

In the short and medium-term,  the public realm in Victoria is dominated by traffic, vehicles and pedestrian congestion. However, in the long-term term we believe that there is a great opportunity to achieve a coherent upgrade of the area’s public realm spaces.

In summer 2014 we commissioned specialist consultants Publica to look to make informed recommendations on how the roads, streets, gardens and other public spaces can be improved for all users. The result is our  Public Realm Vision for Victoriaa call to action for developers, planners, architects, and local authorities to adopt 12 guiding principles for future work in Victoria .

12 guiding principles for developing Victoria's public realm

  •  Create a network of related spaces to build a new public character.
  • Improve air quality.
  • Improve walking routes and pedestrian environment.
  • Minimise the impact of traffic and vehicles.
  • Improve cycling conditions.
  • Enhance trees, greenery and planting.
  • Build character, programme events in public spaces and provide play opportunities.
  • Ensure public identity though signage and wayfinding.
  • Encourage unified, light touch management and oversight.
  • Enhance lighting.
  • Commission art in public places.
  • Adopt a coherent material palette for Victoria.

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