Active Travel

Active travel, such as walking and cycling, forms an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Walking and cycling are great ways to reach, explore and get to know the Victoria area. It might surprise you how efficient these modes of transport can be when compared to other forms of transport.

If you want to know where to park your bike in Victoria, our Cycle Parking Map shows you all available bicycle parking in the Victoria and Victoria Westminster BID footprints, including Santander Bike parking locations and lamp post cycle rings.

Download the Cycle Parking Map PDF 

To visit Victoria from afar on foot or to walk further afield the Central London Footways map offers attractive, low pollution walking routes. Several of the routes traverse Victoria.

Encouraging people to take up and continue with walking and cycling requires a welcoming and accessible public realm. We’ve addressed these matters in our public realm strategy, People Wanted, and continue to work with stakeholders such as Westminster City Council and Transport for London on projects to improve cycling and walking environments.


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David Beamont
Placemaking Project Manager