We have developed a robust and vibrant ongoing menu of events ranging from historical walking tours and seasonal markets to pop up events and installations, sporting events and barbecues; all showcasing the changing face of new and vibrant Victoria.

Life Labyrinth was installed on Westminster Cathedral Piazza for London Design Festival 2019


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched a Virtual Event Series in collaboration with the Victoria Westminster and Northbank BIDs.

  • Over 120 events were held offering support, advice and skill development for our local community. The event attracted over 3,000 attendees and partnered with over 18 local businesses.
  • Most of the virtual events have been recorded and are hosted on the South Westminster BIDS YouTube channel.
  •  We partnered with local training facility MANOR to offer their ‘MANOR on Demand’ online 8 week workout programme to 100 of our members. The daily workout plan included instructional training videos, goal setting and nutrition tips.
  •  A panel discussion event was held virtually to celebrate International Women’s Day.
  •  We installed festive lights on Victoria Street and a Christmas tree on Westminster Cathedral Piazza.
  • We built on our previous year’s Christmas activity with an online advent calendar on our website, with 28 prizes available to win over 14 days from local businesses.

We are building an exciting calendar of events ensuring that there will be plenty to experience and enjoy in Victoria. We will build on our Festive Lighting Scheme for the area, deliver more pop up experiential events and a summer packed with activities to get you out and about.

Visit our What’s On section to find out more about current and upcoming events.