King’s Scholars’ Passage


A backstreet that can be transformed into a space

King’s Scholars’ Passage, situated not far from Victoria Station, is a back street overlooked by the rear elevations of buildings on Vauxhall Bridge Road and Carlisle Place. The buildings house a variety of uses, such as offices, private residences, and hospitality and retail. The street unfortunately attracts anti-social behaviour which also spills out on to nearby streets marring this area of Victoria and affecting businesses, passers-by and local residents.

Victoria BID has commissioned BDP to carry out a concept feasibility study to determine the scope for improvement opportunities at the site and to propose temporary and permanent measures for the site. This activity builds on the high level concept idea for King’s Scholars’ Passage that can be found on page 144 of People Wanted, our public realm strategy.

We would like to ensure that such an opportunity is optimised to create and implement high quality measures in consultation with stakeholders.
Please visit this page regularly to learn more about the project and how you can get involved.