The Victoria BID Safe and Secure programme works with local businesses to plan, prepare, prevent and protect against all forms of terrorism.

Our overriding priority is to keep the public safe by working with our community, remaining vigilant and reporting suspicious behaviour which may be terrorist-related to police. Raising awareness and strengthening communication portals is the key to success. The Victoria BID sponsors a number of initiatives that are regularly reviewed.

Here are examples of the sessions we host throughout the year:

Strategic counter-terrorism training (ARGUS)

Project ARGUS / ACT Strategic, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) initiative, exploring ways to aid you in preventing, handling and recovering from a terrorist attack. It achieves this by taking businesses through a realistic terrorist attack using a multi-media simulation.

A series of questions and challenges are put to delegates, both individually and as a group. Delegates will work in small syndicate groups with other local business representatives and develop responses to the attack. Project ARGUS/ ACT Strategic is ideal for managers in areas such as facilities, security, reception and those responsible for creating and maintaining response plans. However we do welcome all staff as we know that in the event of a major incident, anyone within the organisation could be in a position where they need to exercise those response plans.

Operational counter-terrorism training (ACT AWARENESS)

ACT Awareness is the national counter terrorism awareness initiative for business produced by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) to protect cities and communities from the threat of terrorism.

Previously known as Project Griffin, this is part of the national counter terror awareness campaign banner Action Counters Terrorism (ACT).

ACT Awareness encourages communities to work together with Police in order to detect and deter terrorist activity. It aims to give everyone the confidence to recognise and report suspicious behaviour and guidance of how to respond to the most likely types of terrorist activities.


Bespoke counter-terrorism (FAIRWAY)

Responding to the shift in terrorist methodology away from larger more organised attacks to lone attackers and the increase in the insider threat, NaCTSO have developed NaCTSO Fairway Document Awareness to increase Identity Document knowledge in some HR and recruitment departments of vulnerable companies. Using the subheading of “Do you know who you are employing?” and supported by the National Document Fraud Unit, the NaCTSO Fairway team and specially trained officers from across the Counter Terrorism network now offer Document Awareness workshops to HR and recruitment departments of companies vulnerable to terrorist attack, with the aim of increasing their knowledge of identity documents and the potential for their abuse.


Community messaging systems

All staff are encouraged to join free messaging systems that provide up-to-date information on live police incidents, traffic management, crime prevention and  policing information.

  • Community Safe (Select Westminster Urgent & Standard).
  • Neighbourhood Link (Select Westminster).
  • Facewatch Intranet (Select Victoria Business Improvement District Group).

Twitter social networking is used by local authorities to tweet information:

  • @metpoliceevents
  • @metpoliceuk
  • @btp_uk
  • @tfLtravelalerts
  • @LondonFire
  • @MPSWestminster