The Arc

'One step back’ pedestrian route to the north of Victoria Street

The Arc is a concept idea first set out by BDP and Urban Flow within the Victoria BID Public Realm strategy, People Wanted, published in January 2020. The concept idea is the first step in creating an enhanced walking route from Victoria Station to Broad Sanctuary (and vice versa).

Our ambition is to progress the Arc project and to reinforce and enhance the “‘one step back’ pedestrian route to the north of Victoria Street” opportunity that the concept idea sets out to increase the quantum of safe, healthy, accessible and green walking route options in the area for workers, residents and visitors.

Through carrying out a Concept Feasibility Study we aim to determine the technical and creative opportunities for the site and to create the context to enable temporary interventions to be implemented until such time as more permanent measures are brought forward.

Through carrying out the study we aim to generate a shared vision for the space in consultation with various stakeholders. The plans for the site will be underpinned by engagement with people who live, work and travel here and is an exciting opportunity to make a significant contribution to the area you live, work or visit.

Project Dates: April 2022 – December 2022