Air Quality

Improving air quality on a local street level is one of our public realm priorities.

Air quality in Central London is linked to health issues

Like most parts of Central London, Victoria suffers from poor air quality. Invisible to the eye, this is largely due to a combination of emissions from vehicles on the roads and gas boilers in buildings. Improving local air quality is vital to ensuring our area is a healthy and vibrant place to live, work, visit and do business in.

Here are some of the projects we are working on and ways you can get involved:

Health Check Your Business

Your office generates vehicles trips – by suppliers visiting your site or sometimes through staff travel choices – and so your workplace is a key player in improving local air quality. Simply have someone in your office who is familiar with dealing with suppliers and ordering goods and services to your office visit and complete the short questionnaire – it takes 60 seconds at most. They’ll instantly receive recommendations and tips that can be integrated into your current operations.

Click, Collect and Create Cleaner Air

Having online shopping sent to your work address adds to traffic congestion and air pollution in Victoria. Use our new website to find alternative delivery options. Give it a go!

Zero and Low Emission Suppliers Directory

Our Zero and Low Emission Suppliers Directory helps you choose a supplier that uses these types of vehicles. So, explore changing to a new, cleaner supplier today!

Walk and Cycle

Walking maps like the one below and the Central London Footways map offer attractive, low pollution walking routes in Victoria and beyond. Cycling and need to park your bike? Check out our cycle parking map.

Little Guide to Better Air Quality

Read our Little Guide to Better Air Quality to learn more about the health effects of poor air quality, identify additional activities you can undertake and read case studies from local businesses.

Engine Idling

If you drive, don’t be an engine idler! Switch off your engine when parked to stop harmful vehicle emissions building up around your vehicle that people have to breathe in. And save a bit of fuel too.

Monitoring Air Quality

Check live air pollution levels for Victoria on the map below and use it to find a clean air route to your destination.