Street Issue Reporting

We have reported over 6000 issues to Westminster City Council and Transport for London including graffiti and flyposting, flooding of roads and gullies and abandoned vehicles that have resulted in swift action.

Sign of exciting times for Victoria's transformation

With the Victoria area undergoing so much infrastructure development, we want to ensure we are vigilant in monitoring and reporting issues such as graffiti, cracked pavements and non-working street lamps. We want to ensure that these individual street problems do not deter to people staying in Victoria or become hazardous.

To tackle these issues, we have set up a Service Level Agreement with Westminster City Council. The agreement covers signs, bollards, street furniture, illegal street trading, street lighting, illegal advertising, anti-social behaviour, road works, roads and pavements, graffiti and fly-posting, drains and gullies, signs, bollards, street furniture and illegal street trading.

Our dedicated Environmental Ambassador Barry Cast covers the Victoria BID 110-acre footprint and reports issues to Westminster City Council for their repair teams to resolve.



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David Beamont
Placemaking Project Manager