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The Victoria BID represents the voice of business in the area working with our partners to develop Victoria as a better place to work, live in and visit. Our business partners determine our work programmes that contribute to the local economy and enhance the area.

Our work programmes

Each programme is guided by the board and supported by targeted steering group comprised of representatives of sectors in the area.  If your business is interested in being represented on a Victoria BID steering group find our more at Clean and Green, Safe and Secure, Sustainable Prosperity, Destination Victoria and Public Realm.

Clean and Green

Clean and Green benefits the local environment, businesses and people. Since 2010, Victoria BID has demonstrated leadership in developing a range of innovative projects to enhance the local environment that have been replicated by other BIDs. These include developing and implementing innovative Green Infrastructure projects, commissioning and monitoring in-depth research, establishing public realm projects and improving the appearance of the area with dedicated cleaning teams especially around Westminster Cathedral Piazza.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure programme set a precedent as the first of its kind in a British BID. The Victoria BID Safe and Secure Programme brings businesses and police services together to ensure best practice. We have established a range of policing initiatives in response to business requirements. Working with the police services, projects are designed to provide advice on security issues in the area, to address issues associated with rough-sleeping and to foster good community relations.

Sustainable Prosperity

Sustainable Prosperity incorporates the principles of sustainability into the organisation’s programmes and projects: economic, environmental and social. Large and small businesses are increasingly adopting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles – economic, environmental and social – to create sustainable business models. We seek to promote an appealing business environment in Victoria that fosters long term sustainable economic growth and the improved well-being of employees, visitors and residents.

Destination Victoria

Destination Victoria promotes Victoria as a world-class destination and gateway to London. We work with our business partners to actively promote and communicate the exciting transformation that is turning Victoria into one of Central London’s most dynamic and accessible districts. The new Victoria offers an exciting mix of iconic historic attractions, state-of-the-art commercial and residential architecture, thrilling cultural offerings plus world-class hotels and a wide range of restaurants and bars. We celebrate the new Victoria with events, marketing campaigns and joint initiatives.

Public Realm

Public Realm refers to the publicly accessible streets and open spaces between buildings. We believe there is a great opportunity to develop the public realm as the glue that holds the Victoria area together. Currently traffic, vehicle and pedestrian congestion dominate our everyday experiences. Our recently published Public Realm Vision for Victoria features a list of twelve key principles that can be adopted by developers and planners to create an accessible and cohesive public realm to accommodate increasing numbers of people coming into the area. We will update businesses on development timelines, engage business stakeholders and work to influence decision makers. We also implement our own innovative public realm projects to enhance the Victoria area.


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