Cross River Partnership – EV Dongles

Headline Date 01-03-2022

Cross River Partnership (CRP) and the London Borough of Barnet are providing businesses with a FREE opportunity to monitor and assess their fleet for electric vehicle (EV) suitability.

As part of Clean Air Villages 4 (CAV4), which Victoria, Victoria Westminster and Whitehall BIDs are partners of, CRP is collaborating with Geotab to provide businesses with telematic devices, to carry out a free EV suitability assessment. This is a personalised report highlighting whether switching to an EV is a suitable option for your business.

If you are interested in understanding more, please complete this short survey or email CRP stating your interest. They will then send you a free telematic dongle to use for three months to monitor vehicle speed, distance, daily mileage, time and parking locations. This data will provide a unique insight into your delivery vehicle needs, helping to identify whether your business would benefit from purchasing an EV, or from using a shared EV option.

Following the monitoring, you will be provided with your own personalised EV suitability assessment report. This is a personalised report highlighting whether your business can switch to an EV and assisting you with the first steps of your EV procurement process.

For more information, please contact CRP Project Officer Isidora Rivera Vollmer.


Complete Electric Vehicle Survey 

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