Take away without the throw away at Tachbrook Market

Headline Date 03-07-2019

Calling all environmentally conscious Tachbrook Market users! Around 11 billion pieces of food-to-go packaging are thrown away every year in the UK and this month Westminster City Council, in collaboration with sustainable start-up CauliBox will be launching a campaign to help tackle this.

From mid-July, take away food vendors at Tachbrook market will be offering customers an opportunity to pay a deposit for a reusable lunch box that can be used to take their lunch away and then returned for cleaning, ready to be used again and again.

The campaign aims to put convenience back into ‘bring your own’ initiatives with a circular system that makes it easy for customers to have the take away without the throw away. The scheme seeks to help regular market customers do their bit for the environment.

The lunch boxes will be made of surplus rice husk, which can be used more than 500 times and are fully biodegradable at the end of its life.

If you or your colleagues regularly enjoy lunch from Tachbrook, look out for volunteers at the market in the next few weeks who will be on hand to sign you up to the scheme and pick up your new lunch box.

Join us in the stand against single use waste! For more information please email markets@westminster.gov.uk .

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