A truly magical stay in Victoria

Headline Date 31-01-2018

London is such a magical city, with the beauty of Westminster Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament, the ability to be magically transported to pretty much anywhere from Victoria Station, and not forgetting Peggy Porschen’s too-good-to-be-true cakes! But, London is about to get more magical with Harry Potter themed hotel rooms: the Enchanted Chamber and the Wizard Chamber.

Set on St George’s Drive in Victoria, The Georgian House Hotel has been around since 1851 and is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in London. Their friendly ghosts can sometimes be heard walking and socialising around the hotel, adding to its magical charm. Sophisticated, elegant and modern, they’ve added a bit of sparkle to the mix with their Enchanted and Wizard Chambers.

If you can’t find your hotel room door in the candlelit corridor, that would be because it’s behind a mystical bookcase. Once you’re inside you’ll be greeted by magical music, welcoming you into warm Gryffindor-coloured rooms, fit for a witch or wizard. The Wizard Chambers are large enough for a family, perfect for a Harry Potter themed break! If you’re looking for a quiet escape the Enchanted Chambers is a small and cosy room, perfect for curling up with some sherbet lemons and reading Gilderoy Lockhart’s Magical Me!

The rooms have bewitching stained glass windows and wooden owls, a fireplace with your very own cauldron (so there’s no need to bring your own), and a four-poster bed. These rooms are a great way to end the perfect day in Victoria, and are fit for a magical night.

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